(Immigration) Reform and Reformability

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Hope springs eternal for the Obama Administration when it comes to immigration reform.



Oh immigration reform, thou art be a fickle mistress. But just like any bell of the legislative ball, you won’t just settle for just any Congressional suitor, whether that be a clean-cut Republican from a good family or a rebellious Democrat with ab heart of gold. And patiently waiting while all this unfolds, like some concerned father in a Jane Austin novel is President Barak Obama, just wanting to see this care-free bill finally grows up and become a law.


After all, why else would President Obama tell his Homeland Security Department to hold-off on their report on deportation policies till after summer. The decision stems from the Obama Administration hoping that immigration reform can be reached this summer before election season gets into full swing this fall. Who says President Obama isn’t an eternal optimist?


The report was originally directed by President Obama to reexamine the process of deportation to see if the process can be handled more humanly. While the original move was meant to subdue immigration reform advocates until a law can be passed, it also ended up enraging House Republicans claiming that President Obama couldn’t be trusted in implementing any legislation.


Since President Obama directed the report, many conservative groups that also support immigration reform – like the US Conference of Catholic Bishops – have suggested that the Obama Administration give House Republicans some space in coming up with legislation for immigration reform. The Obama Administration and House Republicans differ on overall philosophy when it comes to immigration reform, with the Obama Administration wanting a comprehensive bill for immigration while House Republicans would rather have a more piecemeal approach.


Will there be comprehensive immigration reform by the end of this year? It looks doubtful. At this point, let’s all hope we don’t end up getting the “Marianne marrying Colonel Brandon” equivalent of immigration reform.


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