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How Democrats are planning on winning the 2014 mid-term elections. (SPOILER ALERT: It’s to annoy their constituents with political ads.)



A prophet once spoke of a time where the talking heads of cable news and the political number wonks would coalesce in an orgy of predictive modeling and buzzwords that would spell the demise of Democrats in the 2014 mid-term elections. That time looks to be now.


As we get closer to the November mid-terms, everyone looks to be reading the same tea leaves, in that everyone agrees it does not bode well for the Democrats. Yet like any good political machine, the Democrats are not dissuaded by history because they have a secret weapon.


TV ads. And lots of them!


It’s been reported that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) this week has started contacting television stations, in 36 congressional districts, to set aside ad time for their 2014 fall push. Altogether, the total comes to a whopping $44 million in advertising requests. If you were to break it down, it would come to $1.3 million per congressional race.


If you’re looking at that total and asking yourself, “man that’s a huge amount of money to put towards annoying the shit out of me while I’m watching television”, then you would be right. That’s the largest amount that the committee has ever sanctioned for ad use and is the largest so far this year by a party run campaign committee. To compare, the DCCC spent $28 million on ad time for 40 congressional races (39 Democrat controlled and 1 GOP-controlled).


The DCCC are hoping that their massive fundraising advantage – $43.5 million already in the bank – will be enough to overthrow the GOP in the House (who currently hold a 233 to 199 advantage with 3 vacant seats). Yet if conventional wisdom here is to be believed, the Democrats, even with their massive fundraising advantage, could look more like this come November 4th.


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