FEC Reports Give a Glimpse at the Money Going Around This Election Cycle

Campaign finance reform

Guys, elections are expensive.



Late Tuesday afternoon, the first of the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) reports started to trickle out giving us a better idea of how much money is going through this election cycle. Deep-pocketed donors have looked to make large donations within this election cycle with a reported $146 million in cash reserves according to FEC summaries.


As you may have suspected, most of this money has been used towards campaign ads, phone calls, and flyers in the mail. Both Democrat and Republican candidates have risen quite a bit of money during this time, with the Democrat National Committee raising $8.9 million and the Republican National Committee $9.3 million in April.


Missing from these summaries however were the individuals or organizations that report in three-month increments (the ones that reported to the FEC were month-by-month only). The three-month increment group includes such major players as the Koch Brothers backed group Americans for Prosperity and Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS. Under the current campaign finance rules, these groups do not have to file a report to the FEC because they are considered non-partisan and/or non-profit. So while the amounts in the FEC reports are startling, it still paints an incomplete picture.


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