A Tea Party Drop in Support

tea party calm

Think you had a rough week? Just be glad you aren’t the Tea Party. Yikes…



In November 2010, the Tea Party movement was in full swing. Back then, Gallop had reported that 61% of Republicans were supporters of the Tea Party. As can be seen in Wednesday’s primaries, this has changed.


As the most recent Gallop polls show, only 41% of Republicans are supporters of the Tea Party. That is a 20% drop from 2010. About four in ten Republicans classify themselves as Tea Party supporters, while 11% are opponents and 48% are neither. While the opposition to the Tea Party hasn’t changed that much from 2010 (though it has gained a little), however the Gallop report goes on to say that support among all Republicans (both that identify themselves as Republicans and Republican-leaning independents) dropped by one-third since 2010. That would indicate that the GOP is on a more moderate track right now.


Our views on why we think support for the Tea Party has dwindled can be seen in our About Last Night feature. As for the full report, you can check it out here.


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