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As the old axiom goes, those who can’t do, review! That’s how it goes, right?



One of the initial ideas that we had for the site was that of reviews. We thought it would be interesting for a political site to tackle media which used aspects of American politics as their backdrop. We figured what better place to have a discussion, right? So of course we got excited!


But then came the questions.


“What are we going to be reviewing?”

“Should we rate the things that we review?”

“How should the format of the review look like?”

And on and on and on and on….


After various conversations and email chains we came to the conclusion that it’s impossible to predict what this feature or the site is going to be in the future. So we decided, like with a lot of things on this site, to throw it out there and see what it eventually becomes.


So then what are reviews?


Well simply put, they are things in media that we find interesting and are related, in some way, to American politics or political theory. That’s it. Simple as that. This could be anything from a book on demographics of a certain subgroup in America, a TV show that satirizes the cable news, or even as something simple as a documentary about a social reformer.


So does that mean we’ll be reviewing everything?


God no! That would be insane. We’ll be reviewing things that we would find interesting and in turn hope you would find interesting as well. While most of our stuff that we review should be relatively current, from time to time we might sneak in some of our favorite pieces as well.


We hope you enjoy the reviews and if you guys would like to request a particular review or just want to let us know how we’re doing, hit us up at contact@thepostturtle.com


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